MultiViu® Professional 12

An instrument cluster with a 12.3-inch color display and maximum design freedom, where even animations and videos can be implemented. The MultiViu® Professional 12 is fully programmable and adapts to your individual requirements. Through its modular structure, it fits seamlessly into any front frame.

Technical Specifications

  • Super wide-view 12,3 inch color TFT-display with resolution of 1440 x 540 px in 8:3 format
  • Programing and control of graphics, texts and animations via CGI Studio
  • Functional programming and control of instrument and Human Machine Interface via KIBES® 32
  • Software based on OSEK and Linux operating systems
  • Several interfaces available: high-speed CAN, video, LIN, I/Os, Audio, Ethernet

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible, adaptable and situational controlled Human Machine Interface according to “Simplify your drive”
  • Performance software to fulfill graphics and pointer animation requirements
  • Trend towards larger and colored displays, to manage and indicate increasing amount of driver information and driver assistance functionality
  • Very powerful hardware to support flexibly the increasing needs of future Human Machine Interface needs
  • Guarantee of time- and cost-optimized development during project phase and vehicle’s lifetime by use of Continental's software toolchain

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MultiViu Professional12