ALAS II Fuel Senders

VDO ALAS II is an adjustable fuel sender featuring interchangeable draw / return tubes plus standard low fuel warning contact. Pick the length and diameter of the draw / return tubes, set the float length, and you’re ready for installation. If you have several tank configurations, inventory is minimized with our ‘one size fits all’ design.

ALAS II units are adjustable from 140mm to 400mm. Engineered with a redundant dual wiper system and VDO 'quiet arm' and thick film technology, ALAS II has the ability to withstand over one million swing arm cycles without failure. Our slotted SAE 5-hole flange mount gives you the utmost in versatility for sender mounting positions.

Available resistance values are 10-180 ohm, 240-33 ohm and 90-0 ohm. ALAS II senders come with a standard low fuel warning contact circuit.

Each draw / return tube has 360° of positioning capability. Draw / return tubes are available in four different diameters (6.5mm, 8mm, 10 and 12mm). Where return tubes are not required, a port plug is available.

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  1. ALAS II Adjustable Fuel Sender, 5 ½-15¾", 3-180 Ohm, with Low Fuel Warning Contact

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