Temperature Sensors & Switch

Using the expertise we’ve gained in developing specialized solutions for many of the world’s leading manufacturers, we offer a large portfolio of pressure and temperature sensors that we manufacture our sensors in our own ISO and TSO registered facilities, using the same quality materials, engineering processes, and quality standards as our OE products. Our sensor range includes pressure sensors and switches and speed, RPM and rotational sensors and position sensors as well as temperature sensors and switches.

Note: All Temperature sensors are designed to work with VDO gauges only. Sensors are matched to gauges according to maximum reading on dial face. All sensors are standard ground (sensor case to common ground). Please note: VDO sensors have tapered threads and DO NOT require the use of Teflon tape or pipe sealant. This will interfere with grounding causing incorrect instrument readings.

Temperature Switch Technical Specifications:

  • Switching Capacity: 1.2W to 3W, non-inductive for monitoring various mediums
  • Normally Open, Single Circuit, Standard Ground Systems
  • Rated Voltage: 6V to 24V
  • Type of Contact: SS = contact closes as temperature rises
  • Break Point: 5o C max. below make point
  • Contacting Mode: Slow-acting

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  1. Temperature Switch 120°C (Common Ground) Switch Point 35°C M14x1.5
  2. Temperature Switch 120°C (Common Ground) Switch Point 28°C M14x1.5
  3. Temperature Switch 150°C (Common Ground) Switch Point 94°C M14x1.5
  4. Temperature Switch, 100W Capacity, 105°C Floating Ground M18x1.5
  5.  250°F/120°C 5/8-18UNF
  6. 120°C(Common Ground) Switch Point  90° M10 X 1.5
  7. 250°C(Common Ground) Switch Point  195° M10X1.5
  8. 180°C(Common Ground) Switch Point  130° M10X1.5
  9.  250°F/120°C Warning Contact 209 5/8-18 803/1/2
  10.  250°F/120°C Warning Contact 230F M16X1.5
  11.  400°F/200°C 1/8-27NPTF 801/13/1
  12.  300°F/150°C M14X1.5
  13.  300°F/150°C M16X1.5
  14.  300°F/150°C 1/8-27NPTF 801/9/1
  15.  300°F/150°C 1/4-18NPTF
  16. 120°C(Common Ground) Switch Point  105° 3/8-18NPTF
  17. 150°C(Common Ground) Switch Point  120° 3/4-16UN
  18. 220°C(Common Ground) Switch Point  170° M10X1.5
  19. 120°C(Common Ground) Switch point 105° 1/2-14NPTF
  20. 200°C(Common Ground) Switch Point  150° M10X1.5

List Grid

Set Descending Direction

41-60 of 89

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